Our Exclusive ERP Services

ERP Consultation & Implementation

Our consulting team helps our customers in implementation of all the phases of ERP product from discovery through to installation, configuration & setup, data conversion & migration and user training.

Project Analysis & Management

Project planning is a must-do first step in which the whole department and company must have a transparent and comprehensive schedule that analyses the Budget, Resources, and Timeline. A seamless journey is possible with the right execution model and the right strategy.

Enterprise Training & Support

Important part of any ERP implementation is user training. Application Testing and Training the users are a mission critical step. End users must be thoroughly trained to use the infrastructure at the optimum so as to industry can run smoothly.

Custom Design & Development

Even after validating the application there are few business requirements which might have not addressed in a STD ERP application. Customization is done to address specific requirements and make it more user friendly.

Our Strategic Work

Our Services

Need of an ERP System - An ERP system integrates all of your business activities into a centralized database, which saves significant time and money in the long-run. Ultimately, an ERP system provides the advantage with much greater functionality.

  1. If you're not sure which ERP solution to use, or if you want to get the most out of current ERP system, You need a professional ERP consultant.
  2. We understand your operational needs with respect to all participants and end users.
  3. Professional consultants will walk you through the process with a step-by-step guide, allowing your organisation to make the best cultural, financial, and strategic choices.
  4. Your ERP deployment project can be best managed with the help of an ERP experts.

Implementation within scheduled time & budget - We believe in streamlining the process with industry's best practices and providing a seamless integrated system. Better tested solution, supported with business analytics through dashboards and customized reports is our vision for every customer.

  1. Properly planned Implementation using signature methodology.
  2. Signature Methodology follows Requirement analysis, understanding pain points and configuration of the ERP Product.
  3. Migrate the data to make the device production-ready before moving on to the next step of the project.
  4. A vertical-centric approach is used to ensure that the product and business processes are properly mapped, resulting in a full end-to-end solution.

Partners for Support and Maintenance - We bring efficient processes and an experienced team to make sure that your IT systems and applications get a real time support. Our cost effective model will provide high potential for cost savings and effectiveness in the ERP maintenance.

  1. Post implementation, ERP technical support is crucial for the success of any ERP implementation.
  2. Our team helps you to unlock the business values of existing solutions and innovations, and solve problems with round the clock assistance.
  3. Flexible end-to-end support services to reduce the cost of ownership and improve user experience.
  4. Support model includes System Upgrade, End User support, End User Training, Custom Development, Third Party Integration & much more.

Why customize ERP Solution?
No ERP is 100% fit to the individual organisation's business requirements. That needs customization be it for the application or a simple report. We believe that technology has the power to redefine the user experience by doing few customizations.

  1. Create unique solutions tailored to your business processes with a focus on the success of your business.
  2. Increase business efficiency generated by the elimination of manual operations across the company.
  3. Effectively integrate all your systems and departments in a single location & Single Solution.
  4. Support model includes System Upgrade, End User support, End User Training, Custom Development, Third Party Integration & much more.